July 08, 2016

Ramblings Episode 541: Polarized

Taking everything to extremes is a cause for concern. #RoaUMP

Run time: 14:36

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Gary G said...

I still think that the media businesses are at the root of the polarization of America and beyond. In order to attract viewers, they lean as far to one side as can without crossing the lines too far. They sensationalize stories that would be otherwise unremarkable. They play up, or play down, certain stories to slant the news to appeal to the audience they are trying to reach. Ted Turner thought he was doing us all a favor when he created a 24-hour news channel, but all he did, IMHO, is fill a void that didn't really need to be filled. For example, covering big stories live, when there is no information to report, has turned the reporters into play-by-play commentators.