September 26, 2016

The Ramblings Podcast is Moving!

Effective October 1st the posts for the Ramblings of an Undisciplined Mind podcast will not longer be posted on this blog. Instead, those episodes will be posted exclusively on as part of my podcast offerings on that site.

If you want to keep seeing these posts you can subscribe to the Penslinger blog. If you are getting these episodes via email from Ramblings of an Undisciplined Mind, then you will want to subscribe to the Penslinger email subscription list. It works the same way, and you can subscribe to this by using the form at the bottom of this post or from the Penslinger website.

If you are subscribed to the Undisciplined Mind RSS feed, you can either subscribe to the blog or to the Penslinger Meta Feed, which is the easiest way to receive all content I produce. You can see the full list of RSS links on

Lastly, if you use Blogger's "follow" feature to follow the Undisciplined Mind blog I recommend you switch to one of the two methods above. While you could "follow" the Penslinger blog, I will be switching it to WordPress in the very near future and than that functionality will no longer be available.

I highly encourage you to remain subscribed to the Undisciplined Mind blog as I have plans for more content including more about my worlds in Minecraft, Krazy Karaoke, and much more. I highly appreciate your digital patronage and hope you'll stick around for what comes next.

- K
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