September 20, 2016

Minecraft: New Gizmonia

I have spent a lot of time in my first infinite Minecraft PE world, called New Gizmonia. Yes, there was originally a Gizmonia, but it was one of the old limited worlds, so I abandoned it to have more to explore. But my first experience on this world was not the greatest, as I was dropped on an island without much else nearby. So I swam across the ocean, crossed several islands, and eventually came to a land mass that I thought was big enough to settle on. Unfortunately I completely lost my way back to spawn, and so I could not make use of a compass to get back to my new home.

This place had a lot of caves and I spent a bunch of time caving, gather resources. I built a small hut to hold my bed and supplies. I found a village nearby, and tried to decide what major project I should attempt. Eventually I settled on building a house in the sky that would provide protection from hostile mobs and also scenic views. Working in Survival mode, I built upwards and started on the first part of the house, a floating pool encased in glass.

Not being a total idiot I built this over water, so that when I fell (and I did...lots) it would not be fatal. I put together this entire pool area in this way, including carting up the water bucketfuls at a time. Then it was time to move on to the attached house.

About that time I discovered a launcher app that not only optimized my system, but also did things like allowing me to add blocks to my inventory, fly, and switch between Survival and Creative modes. I used this to get the rare resources I would need, as I decided to build my new house out of gold blocks. A lot of gold blocks.

I built the 2-story house you see above, complete with a farm and a landing pad for the mine cart track that launches me onto the property. My old hut now serves as the start of the mine cart track.

This is the only major build I've done on this world. I done a lot of mining and adventuring. I once ventured too far and couldn't find my way back. After building yet another base, this one subterranean, I returned when I died trying to find my way back. Of course i had found a rich area with tons of scarce resources, so I lost of of that. Le sigh.

In just the last week I have abandoned this world for a new one, but the reasons I did that are another blog post. More pictures of New Gizmonia follow. Enjoy!

My 2nd floor bedroom

More of the bedroom

The first floor. Kitchen to the right. Stairs lead to landing pad.

The rest of first floor. Stairs up to pool, down to observation deck. Doors lead to farm.

My cows in the farm. I also have pens for pigs, sheep, and chickens.

Crops, part 1

Crops, part 2

A drop to a safe pool make for a convenient return to ground level.

Mine cart landing pad. The lights in the floor flash on and off via redstone controls

The view from the balcony.

My God, It's full of stars!
I've done a little mining. Yes, that is bedrock at the bottom.

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